There are lines
In the faces of the women
Like ancient tree roots
Grown from the shadows of old sorrows.

I majored in escapism and self loathing I doused myself in make up and called it armour Pledged my allegiance to this instagram nation And told myself I could embrace alienation But my nails were digging graves into the palms of my hands   I learned that my body was a battleground My greatest ally […]

If I tilt my head skywards I can see an obnoxiously large Burger King sign looming down from the left. I keep my eyes trained on the ground. On the birds and the fallen petals, the mottled shadows patterning my path. The signs of springtime.

When I landed in Rio almost two months ago, staring into the void of an ‘indefinite trip’, I began to listen to Lynard Skynyrd’s ‘Free Bird’ obsessively. I had not been ready to leave England, either emotionally or practically. Due to a combination of unfortunate, unexpected circumstances and my natural talent for disorganisation, my ‘preparation’ […]

Beat the drum of my beating brain Stop my eyes from closing again Theres too many places I gotta see And too many ways to rediscover me I’ve got wind at my heels And wings in my mind And I’m floating and fighting against the tides of time I hear the horizon call In a […]

This is not a poem and I am not a poet
I confuse these sunsets, these end of day, dusky grey, sunsets
With the drum and the sum of the sun itself
But sit here at dusk, collecting dust,
And tell yourself gently with your crying might, that a dying light
Does not a day make

Arts students everywhere died and went to heaven when the stunning new trailer forLoving Vincent was released this week. Told entirely through oil paintings – 12 per second, to be exact – the biopic of the life of Vincent Van Gogh is set to make cinematic history as the first fully painted feature film ever […]

After someone dies it becomes impossible to separate your memories as they were from the rose-tinted nostalgia they become brushed with in hindsight, but we’ve all got Bowie memories… And if his death has made those memories all the more poignant, then bring it on.

‘Somehow, this has become routine,’ Barack Obama said wearily of the Oregon school shooting in October. ‘The reporting is routine. My response here at this podium ends up becoming routine… We have become numb to this.’ The President of the United States was reduced to reacting to gun violence with exhaustion where once there was […]

British people are not taking full advantage of the glorious range of biscuit choices out there. Beyond pitying the nation’s taste buds, this is a worrying example of just how far conformity stretches here. Before shutting your laptops and dismissing this as the ravings of a cookie-craving lunatic, ask yourself where the logic lies in choosing a biscuit which both resembles and tastes like cardboard over a chocolate-coated, caramel-filled, or pink-coloured treat?