I’m leaning out of the window of a bus which is hurtling much too fast down a very narrow, very bumpy mountain road. Directly below me, the land drops abruptly away, the bottom of the mountain swallowed by a darkness so heavy I can feel it. The wind whips at my hair, and the silhouetted […]

I wanted to go home, home-home, England-home, Queen’s English and hot tea and rude strangers home. I wanted to float out across the horizon, to tread the invisible line between surging coal-dark sea and soaring coal-dark sky.

“This place is something else,” the cab driver says ominously as they pull up to the motel. The girl in the back says nothing.   Dumping her overstuffed suitcase out of the trunk, he drives off quickly, leaving her standed in the parking lot. She stares at the spot the car has just vacated, eyes […]

If you ever want to know what it feels like to be as useful as a piece of gum on the pavement, just find yourself unemployed in your early twenties, surrounded by friends with fancy jobs and something called a ‘salary’. Unemployment is not particularly fun. Applying for so many jobs that you’ve lost track […]

I am going home in nine days. There are nine days left before this five-month-long adventure comes to an end. Nine days left of hostel-hopping, mountain-climbing, and beach-bumming. Nine days left before I have to contend with that most terrifying of words: stillness. I will arrive back in England to rain, Christmas time, and the […]

From Brave New World to The Hunger Games, dystopian literature is supposed to provide an entertaining escape from the real world. A warning, perhaps, but also a light reminder that things could always be worse. After today, and many of the unbelievable events of the past year or so, however, dystopian literature is no longer […]

“Oh but of course, dont go there alone.” I stare at the woman in disbelief. She has just spent the last half hour regaling me with tales of her own adventures in South America several decades ago. She goes straight for the most dramatic details, the stories that are so fun to tell you forget […]

There are lines
In the faces of the women
Like ancient tree roots
Grown from the shadows of old sorrows.

I majored in escapism and self loathing I doused myself in make up and called it armour Pledged my allegiance to this instagram nation And told myself I could embrace alienation But my nails were digging graves into the palms of my hands   I learned that my body was a battleground My greatest ally […]

If I tilt my head skywards I can see an obnoxiously large Burger King sign looming down from the left. I keep my eyes trained on the ground. On the birds and the fallen petals, the mottled shadows patterning my path. The signs of springtime.