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How Much Are We Lovin ‘Loving Vincent’?

Arts students everywhere died and went to heaven when the stunning new trailer forLoving Vincent was released this week. Told entirely through oil paintings – 12 per second, to be exact – the biopic of the life of Vincent Van Gogh is set to make cinematic history as the first fully painted feature film ever […]


Goodbye, Starman

After someone dies it becomes impossible to separate your memories as they were from the rose-tinted nostalgia they become brushed with in hindsight, but we’ve all got Bowie memories… And if his death has made those memories all the more poignant, then bring it on.

Inspirations of the Week: Time Passing Through

I’ve recently created a bookmarks folder called ‘inspo’ and I fill it with anything that I stumble upon during my long hours of devoted procrastination. There’s no rhyme or reason to the things I’ve grouped together in this folder beyond that I find them inspiring, motivational, or relatable in some way. I thought I’d share […]