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Untitled: A Poem

I once curated an exhibition for my heart Out of summer wind and sea glass parts I painted the walls with the poems he adored Pinned up old conversations like I could will them to mean more I framed the memory of us at the circus And made sculptures from all novels he had left […]

Word Hermit: A Poem

You asked yourself  a question And you dug up nothing but soil You turn ink into daggers And words into shields You scream at screens and Plead into pages And you can’t remember Who you were Before the world told you Who you should be Let the poets teach me how to breathe Let the […]

And: A Poem.

And she dropped the word ‘and’ like a honey-covered bomb
But still ended her novel in a full stop
For every sentence has to stop
For even Ulysses had to stop –

Mercado de Las Brujas

There are lines
In the faces of the women
Like ancient tree roots
Grown from the shadows of old sorrows.

Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

I majored in escapism and self loathing I doused myself in make up and called it armour Pledged my allegiance to this instagram nation And told myself I could embrace alienation But my nails were digging graves into the palms of my hands   I learned that my body was a battleground My greatest ally […]

Bust Outta Babylon

Beat the drum of my beating brain Stop my eyes from closing again Theres too many places I gotta see And too many ways to rediscover me I’ve got wind at my heels And wings in my mind And I’m floating and fighting against the tides of time I hear the horizon call In a […]

July, 2016: A Poem.

This is not a poem and I am not a poet
I confuse these sunsets, these end of day, dusky grey, sunsets
With the drum and the sum of the sun itself
But sit here at dusk, collecting dust,
And tell yourself gently with your crying might, that a dying light
Does not a day make