Word Hermit

You asked yourself  a question

And you dug up nothing but soil

You turn ink into daggers

And words into shields

You scream at screens and

Plead into pages

And you can’t remember

Who you were

Before the world told you

Who you should be

Let the poets teach me how to breathe

Let the waves of the words wash me clean

Let me wear dust jackets

And sleep between pages of prose

Let me feed off fiction

And dance under sonnet skies

Bury me in art

And leave bouquets of books at my grave

And tell me I live on in words which beat like heartbeats

In the people on the streets

Let the artists

Teach you

How to fight

Let your Fountain pen

Drip ink

Like a Lighthouse

Drips light

Fucked with colour and bleeding glitter

While the suffering splutters

And the candles flicker

Listen to the poets,

Exhale their whale songs

Stronger than a siren song

Showing you

Where you belong


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