Monthly Archives: February 2017

And: A Poem.

And she dropped the word ‘and’ like a honey-covered bomb
But still ended her novel in a full stop
For every sentence has to stop
For even Ulysses had to stop –


In Search of Orion

I’m leaning out of the window of a bus which is hurtling much too fast down a very narrow, very bumpy mountain road. Directly below me, the land drops abruptly away, the bottom of the mountain swallowed by a darkness so heavy I can feel it. The wind whips at my hair, and the silhouetted […]

The Redneck Riviera

I wanted to go home, home-home, England-home, Queen’s English and hot tea and rude strangers home. I wanted to float out across the horizon, to tread the invisible line between surging coal-dark sea and soaring coal-dark sky.