New Year // New Culture

If you ever want to know what it feels like to be as useful as a piece of gum on the pavement, just find yourself unemployed in your early twenties, surrounded by friends with fancy jobs and something called a ‘salary’.

Unemployment is not particularly fun. Applying for so many jobs that you’ve lost track of how many different CVs you have had to write will feel like shouting into the void and you will receive nothing but static and junk emails in response. But all is not lost. However terrifying the empty space of endless time stretching before you seems, it can become something of a blessing. Don’t we all have an endless mental list of things we’d do if only we had the time?


Sure, you could become a New Year’s Resolution cliché and take up running, but in these sub-Siberian temperatures I will be sticking to strictly hermit-friendly activities, tyvm. I’ve never held much faith in New Year’s resolutions anyway. Why should setting yourself up for failure be confined to a once-a-year collective madness? The vague desire to do better ‘from now on’ is not, for me, a seasonal affliction, but one that nags at the back of my brain year-round.

That being said, with 2017 threatening to change the world as we know it (lookin’ at you, America) I’m making it my year for embracing the present. I tend to live in the past: my music collection comes to an abrupt halt around 1994, my reading history is predominantly pre-1950s literature (not to mention predominantly white, male, and middle class – blame my degree syllabus), and the art I surround myself with tends to be similarly irrelevant to modern life. While I stumble upon the occasional contemporary band, artist, or writer I like, I’m a bit ignorant when it comes to the cultural outputs of my own generation.


I spent my first days of unemployment by dancing around to cheesy 80s tunes and not bothering to dress myself

My sole ‘resolution’ for this year then? Consume more culture.

And, since my Every-Damn-Day Resolution is to write more, I have decided to document this in regular blog posts with my favourite albums, films, artists, writers, bloggers, vloggers, and anything else I can think of.

Before I go use my job-less time to indulge in the very worthy pursuit of discovering fun new arts n crafts, here’s one to kick us off:

Blood Orange – ‘Time Will Tell’ – Cupid Deluxe


Okay, so Cupid Deluxe came out in 2013, but it counts because a) the majority of the music I listen to was released a good 40 years prior to it and b) I haven’t stopped playing it for weeks now and I’m so excited to share it that I don’t care if I’m late to the party.

Stay tuned for more tunes.

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